Valve’s Artifact Struggles To Keep Over 500 Players

Valve’s Artifact has been through a lot of trouble and controversy, to say the least. Well, if numbers are anything to go by it looks like Artifact is in hot water once again. The game that was reported not too long ago to have lost a significant amount of players is only boasting a sad number of 658 players.

It’s worth noting that Steam Charts may not reflect the whole picture of a situation, but it does offer insight relatively close to the actual figure at hand, which in this case is Valve’s digital collectible card game latest numbers.

With all of that said, during the late part of last year (December 7th, 2018, to be exact) reports were out stating how Artifact had a low of 9,528 players, which was later followed by another write-up published in 2019. Additionally, the 2019 report revealed a low player count of 1,639 players, a number that’s almost triple the current user base.

As it stands now, the trading card game not only continues to do worse by the months (more like weeks), the game has reached a new low of peak daily players that amount to 658. Some publication sites like stress how Artifact is not even stabilizing as of late, but below are the numbers of the game via

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It’s worth noting that games by Valve like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive made a return in 2016 — rising from 30,000 players to 850,000.

Although the card game set in the Dota 2 world could pull the same stunt as the FPS game known as CS: GO, the disappointment behind Artifact is nothing shocking. Evidence of fans and gamers alike not wanting to play the game in question can be traced all the way back to the International 2017 event that sparked this meme quality video:

As of now, Valve has been quiet and hasn’t spoken about any updates or expansion as reflected on the game’s official site — with the latest news on the game sporting a date of December 20th, 2018.


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