Vic Mignogna’s Lawsuit GoFundMe Surpasses $100,000

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Anime voice actor Vic Mignogna has been dragged through the mud over the last couple of months, mostly due to spurious claims of misconduct that were both instigated and exacerbated by the media. This led to Mignogna being fired from various production companies, including Funimation and Rooster Teeth. Well, Mignogna decided to finally kick back against the people who were attempting to get him kicked out of the anime business, and a GoFundMe page was started to help him raise legal fees for a lawsuit. Well, after just a couple of weeks of gathering funds, the campaign has reached over $103,823 as of the writing of this article.

If you visit the GoFundMe page, it shows that more than 3,562 people have helped raise the funds over the course of 14 days.

The GoFundMe was originally started by Mignogna’s friend Nick Rekieta, a lawyer out of Spicer, Minnesota.

Rekieta has been tracking the progress of the Mignogna case and outlining what some of the voice actor’s legal options could be after things kept ramping up and Mignogna kept losing work as more and more allegations surfaced but evidence was either non-existent or spurious at best. A few cases even turned out to be false, where the people that were allegedly supposed to be victims weren’t victims at all, but were actually very dedicated fans of Mignogna who had to take to social media to tell the media to stop using their photos and video clips to smear the actor.

Rekieta has basically been video logging all of the events so far through his YouTube channel, giving fans, onlookers, and spectators alike a glimpse into how things might go with Mignogna’s lawsuit.

A lot of fans are hoping that the media are swept up in the suit in order to put them in their place for dragging damaging the actor’s name without doing due diligence, and for jumping at a chance to ruin someone’s life over some unsubstantiated claims.

It’s literally the first episode of The Rising of the Shield Hero brought to life, which is ironic given that outlets like Anime News Network claimed that false rape allegations were an “imaginary boogeyman”. The fact that the outlet was responsible for pushing many of these unsubstantiated claims into the public consciousness while conversely saying that these kind of witch hunts built on false accusations are “imaginary boogeymen” is beyond ironic.

Nevertheless, Mignogna has $100,000 for the lawsuit and we’ll see how this all turns out as the legal proceedings begin to move forward.

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