We Die Young Trailer Sees Jean Claude Van Damme Taking Down MS13
We Die Young (2019)

A lot of Americans are angered about how the violent, barbaric, inhumane gang known as MS13 has been portrayed in mainstream media. More-so, they’re angry that the gang’s horrific misdeeds are either swept under the rug or downplayed, or glossed over as if they aren’t that bad, such as when MS13 members in the Washington D.C., area stabbed a man 100 times before beheading him, and then proceeded to chop off his limbs, followed by using their hands to rip his heart out of his chest, as reported by The Telegraph.

While the mainstream media may not be highlighting how dangerous this gang is within U.S., borders, and their dangerous antics may be getting a free pass by delusional Leftists, one man is looking to bring them to justice by any means necessary… at least, on the silver screen.

Jean-Claude Van Damme’s latest outing sees the life-weathered martial arts action star playing a war veteran suffering from PTSD while living in the Washington D.C., area. He befriends a teenage boy who is struggling through life as a runner for the MS13 gang. The struggling ten is also intent on keeping his brother out of the gang’s hands, but eventually his misdeeds catch up with his younger brother, and the two find themselves on the run from MS13 members intent on literally cutting them up into pieces.

You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of Ace Entertainment.

The two boys end up being rescued by Van Damme after escaping from the clutches of MS13 after the teenager decides to defy the group when they try to recruit his little brother.

The action sequences seem to stay grounded in reality, avoiding any of the over-the-top antics in most films where an action star takes on ghetto thugs, like in some of Steven Seagal’s mid-aught flicks.

Here, we see Jean-Claude relying mostly on stealth and staying out of the way to deal with the gang members. Unfortunately the trailer doesn’t showcase any of the actual fight-scenes but we do know that at least one melee fight does occur in the film.

Fans were a little worried about how many fights would be in the flick and whether or not Van Damme would get to do a roundhouse kick, but I’m pretty sure he delivers the goods.

It’s a shame this film wasn’t helmed by a director like David Ayer, because I’m sure he really could have made the concept even grittier with some super cool action sequences. But even still, We Die Young seems to at least cater to the classic sensibilities of what American males are looking for out of their action films, something we typically don’t get from Hollywood anymore, save for maybe John Wick.

Anyway, We Die Young is available right now via streaming services and on DVD and Blu-Ray.


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