Capcom Arcade Collection Coming, Rumored To Be A Plug-And-Play Arcade Stick

Capcom is touting a “special announcement” for Tuesday, April 16, but an official teaser and rumors may have already outed an arcade collection built into a joystick that plugs directly into your TV.

While Nintendo, Sony and Sega are busy releasing miniature versions of their respective home consoles, it looks like Capcom is planning on going a slightly different route with its latest collection of retro hits. Based on a recent tweet and some watercooler gossip, it looks like they’ll be bringing a bunch of arcade classics to your living room in the form of an arcade stick.

The above tweet touts an upcoming announcement, boasting the “Here comes a new challenger” tagline popularized by the Street Fighter series. From there, we see a handful of games reflecting off of buttons you would typically find nestled next to an arcade joystick. Included in that mix are arcade titles Street Fighter II, Darkstalkers and even Alien vs. Predator. The clip ends with a note saying to tune in tomorrow (Tuesday) at 3 p.m. GMT. Since no link or redirection is provided, presumably the actual announcement will also be sent out via Twitter at that time.

At first glance, it appears Capcom is teasing a new collection of classic games, this time with a focus on arcade titles. According to an insider tip over on Nintendo Life, though, it sounds like the games will actually be packaged on a pair of full-sized arcade joysticks that plug directly into the TV. There’s no word on how many games we’re talking about here, but a possible price of $250 is already being thrown around.

That seems a bit extravagant, but it also sounds exactly like the type of thing arcade enthusiasts might be willing to fork over a couple hundred bucks for. As for me, I’ve got my fingers crossed for a version of the collection coming to other platforms via physical game or digital download. I’m all for reliving the glory days of the arcade, but I have no desire to drop that much money on glorified plug-and-play peripherals at the moment.


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