CCP Games Performing Full Investigation Into Brisc Rubal Perma-Ban For Allegedly Breaking EVE Online NDA
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CCP Games is conducting a full internal investigation into the claims made against Brisc Rubal and the permanent ban that they handed down against him after someone within the Council of Stellar Management allegedly ratted him out.

Over on the EVE Online website there’s an update that was published on April 17th, 2019 from CCP, stating that they will be doing a thorough investigation into the banning of Brisc Rubal and his ejection from the CSM, which was a community group that communicated the concerns of EVE Online players directly to CCP.

In the brief post, they explain…

“Last week, on April 8 2019, we announced the permanent banning of Brisc Rubal and their ejection from the Council of Stellar Management. We also issued one-year bans to two other players involved in this incident and confiscated their associated in-game assets and ISK.


“Following this statement, we have held further discussions with the affected parties. We have also been conducting an internal review to substantiate the evidence available to us and evaluate our handling of the situation. We intend to share a full follow-up statement next week.”

They go on to say that transparency and openness is what they’re aiming for during this investigation, and they will be updating their community on whatever they find, whether it be that Rubal and his alleged co-conspirators are found to be innocent or guilty.

If they are found to be innocent then they will apologize and offer reparations. In the post they state…

“As should be expected, we will issue a full and frank apology for any mistakes for which we are responsible, as well as provide appropriate reparations to those affected by any erroneous actions we’ve taken.”

Back on April 8th, 2019 Brisc Rubal was originally charged with breaking NDA along with a couple of other members of CSM.

CCP Games proceeded to permanently ban Rubal from the game.

However, in real life Rubal is a lawyer and a lobbyist, and claimed that there were measures of defamation being exercised against him and his profession. He also mentioned that he would be fighting the perma-ban to the fullest extent of his abilities to seek recourse.

Whether this results in anything substantial or is just a PR stunt is still completely up in the air.


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