Counter Terrorist Agency Has Players Hunting Down Jihadists, Fringe Cults, And Political Terrorists

Counter Terrorist Agency

WarSaw Games and Games Operators, along with PlayWay S.A., decided to court the gaming demographic looking for a patriotic title that taps into their inner counter-terrorist agent. The game is aptly named Counter Terrorist Agency. You’ll basically be playing an international version of CTU from the popular Fox TV show 24.

The game is a strategic planning and counter-operation game where your objective is to gather intel, track down leads, commandeer suspects, interrogate them, torture them, and attempt to stop future terrorist attacks.

With so many games out there trying to pretend terrorism is good, or so many countries out there actively inviting terrorists into their countries (like New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Sweden), it’s nice to see a game developer working on a game that doesn’t embrace degenerate sociopolitics. I suppose that explains why the game is being crowdfunded instead of financed by any mid-ranged or big-budget AAA publishers. The big boys aren’t interested in games that promote the upholding of Western values.

Thankfully, Counter Terrorist Agency is a game that doesn’t hold back on its content. You will have to exercise caution as you track down and monitor suspects, aiming to minimize damage and avoid getting civilians caught up in rendition.

The idea is to prevent terrorists attacks or apprehend active terrorist cells.

The game isn’t without its risks, though. You’ll be violating the privacy of citizens that you suspect as being potential threats; you’ll need to monitor phone calls, track flight patterns, and monitor associations of suspects.

If you act too early and you end up with an innocent on your hand, it could spell an international disaster. Wait too late and you could end up seeing another famous cathedral burn to the ground.

The game isn’t just about hunting down radical Muslims, though. You’ll be facing off against a broad range of different types of terror groups, including narco-terrorism, extreme Leftists, extreme Right militias, radical Islamists, and even cults.

Hopefully the game isn’t some kind of veiled Left-wing agitprop program because that would burn all the momentum out of its sails.

You can learn more about Counter Terrorist Agency by visiting the official Kickstarter page, where it currently has 29 days to go and a $7,435 goal. If everything goes according to plan you can expect to see the game on the Steam store before the year is out.