Days Gone Latest Videos Touch On Weather, Gameplay, And Bike Customization

Bend Studio’s upcoming Days Gone is slated to launch this week exclusively for PS4. In the meantime, Bend Studio’s Jeff Ross Creative Director and John Garvin Writer and Game Director elaborate on the game’s weather system, gameplay, and bike customization.

It’s unclear at this point and time whether or not Bend Studio will pull social justice propaganda throughout Days Gone or if they’ll stick to their guns and keep it free of such nonsense. Before April 26th rolls around, though, we learn that Deacon St. John will need to adapt to his surroundings out in Farewell Wilderness.

We learn the above info thanks to, which highlights Ross and Garvin detailing the following about Days Gone’s world and gameplay. For Starters, Ross says the bike will be Deacon’s lifeline:

“So the bike is your lifeline to the world… It keeps your ammo. It’s what allows you to get out of trouble quickly. And more importantly, it allows you to control where the game gets saved. If you can’t find your bike, you can’t save the game.”

The bike sounds like it holds a save mechanic, meaning that it should be near at all times. Moreover, Garvin relays that animals like the Runners can outrun a non-upgraded bike:

“And there’s nothing more terrifying than being low on gas, and suddenly, you hear a snarling growl behind you, and you realize that you’re being chased down by Runners, which are infected wolves, and they can run faster than your bike if you haven’t upgraded it, and they can knock you off your bike.”

Furthermore, Ross explains how weather can affect driving conditions such as turning/riding on terrain and so on. This means the weather isn’t just there but something to be mindful of:

“So weather affects driving conditions just like you would expect in real life. When it’s dry, it’s pretty easy to drive around, not a lot of sliding. When you’re going off-road, it gets a little bit tougher to drive on. But when it’s raining, it definitely — everything you would expect from real life is there. The bike starts to fishtail a lot. When you go around corners, it’s gonna take longer. You’re gonna be kicking up a lot of mud and dust.”

The above info can be seen in the below video that covers bike customization and more:

The next video that’s new dabbles in infected animals, different Freaker types, weather, and the cult RIP:

Whether you are against Sony because of its censorship policy or you’re not a fan of the overdone zombie trend, do know that the game in question is set to launch on PS4 on April 26th, 2019.


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