Dreamlit Entertainment Is Currently Working On Zelda Meets SotC-Like Game Called Towers

Within a year a small group (of six people) has churned out a prototype game called Towers. It’s worth noting that Towers is not playable yet, but the game itself has come along quite nicely according to a recent gameplay prototype video that reveals the ambitious nature of the forthcoming title by Dreamlit Entertainment.

Firstly, I know that Towers is yet another by the books open-world game that sports online play. Yeah, I know. However, the impressive thing here is that six guys banded together and managed to create a vision in a year’s time and have something unique to show.

Another interesting thing here about this title is that the ambitious nature of the game isn’t about one thing but a multitude of actions that one can presumably perform throughout the interactive world that is Towers. In other words, the game in question isn’t some low effort cash-in but something that can stand on its own if done correctly at launch.

If you don’t believe me, you can check out recorded network replicated gameplay footage from a modified UE4 replay system flaunted in an official trailer dubbed “Official Prototype Trailer 01” on Dreamlit Towers‘ YouTube channel:

At the beginning of the video, as seen in the bottom middle of the screen, the game is still subject to change, so it’s worth keeping that in mind.

Moreover, the part that I like about Towers’ trailer is that it’s all about gameplay, world interaction, and how players can build up something that can be taken down by a dark and nebulous force. At the same time, the video trailer is devoid of current year political-driven narratives, which is a plus in my book.

Hopefully, the six devs take their time with this game without promising anything out of reach. If Dreamlit Entertainment keeps to a roadmap and delivers on the above content featured in the video trailer without compromising anything, and offer a stable launch, the team may be sitting on a goldmine.

Anyway, the ARK: Survival, Zelda, and Shadow of the Colossus-like game seems to have active and fan participating devs — meaning that if you have a question it will likely be answered:


Lastly, the game will more than likely hit PC, but it’s unclear if home consoles are in the picture. With that said, you can keep up with Dreamlit Entertainment by hitting up dreamlit.games or the team’s Twitter page.


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