EVE Online CSM’s Brisc Rubal Says He Will Seek Recourse Against Allegations Regarding Perma-Ban
Brisc Rubal

[Update: 4/18/2019] CCP has issued a follow-up statement clarifying that they will be performing a thorough investigation and that if any wrongful bans have been committed, they will restore the accounts with full reparations.

[Original article:] CCP Games have permanently banned Brisc Rubal from the consumer advocacy lobby, Council of Stellar Management. The move comes after CCP claimed that Rubal violated their non-disclosure agreements.

The news came via a blog post on April 8th, 2019 over on the official EVE Online website, where it was stated…

“risc Rubal has been found to be sharing confidential information with a member of his alliance that was later used by another alliance member to conduct illicit in-game transactions. As a result, the following actions have been taken:


“Brisc Rubal has been removed from his role as a CSM 13 representative effective immediately and will not be able to run in any future CSM elections.


“All his in-game accounts have been permanently banned from the game.


“Two other players involved in this incident have received a one-year ban.


“All the illicit assets and ISK gained from this incident have been confiscated.


“To be fully transparent, this misconduct was brought to us by the CSM themselves as an immediate threat to the integrity of the CSM as an institution. CCP’s stance on this is clear: regardless of the type of information shared, acts like this go against everything that the Council of Stellar Management stands for and will not be tolerated under any circumstances. “

Rubal, a real life attorney and lobbyist, was none too pleased with this turn of events. He made a plea for transparency and clarity via a post over on Reddit, where Rubal pleaded his case, writing…

“I received an email from a senior GM this morning informing me that I had been removed from the CSM and permanently banned from EVE Online for a breach of the CSM’s non-disclosure agreement. The email provided no information regarding the allegations, charges or evidence supporting such a ban. I am innocent of these allegations. I have not, and would not, violate the NDA I signed after being elected to the CSM. I have not provided any proprietary information furnished by CCP to me as a CSM member to anyone.


“Immediately upon receipt of the email, I contacted CCP Dopamine and CCP Falcon to request information about the ban. As of the time of this writing, I have received no response from any one at CCP in response to my repeated inquiries. The lack of communication, transparency, and due process coupled with the rush to publicize my removal is indefensible and damaging to my reputation.


As an attorney and a public figure in the United States, my ethics and reputation are regulated by a code of professional responsibility and statutory law, unlike CCP’s opaque community team. As a licensed attorney for nearly a decade, I have never had a complaint filed against me. I have served in positions of public trust in the United States Government and have never had a complaint filed against me. The claims that I would risk my reputation by providing proprietary or otherwise confidential information to members of my own alliance for personal gain are false.”

Rubal was known or bringing his real-life prowess and pageantry of politics into the world of EVE Online, even putting together a pitch video for the CSM to get elected to the council.

However, all of that has been brought to an immediate and abrupt end due to the permanent ban.

It’s hard to side with CCP based on their current statements given that they haven’t provided any evidence to back up their claims, which is something that Rubal will be fighting them on tooth and nail. He rounded out his post on Reddit stating that he would be seeking recourse to clear his name of any and all false allegations, writing…

“I will fight these false allegations, restore my reputation and seek all avenues for recourse available to me for these reckless actions.”

According to American law, you’re innocent until proven guilty. So unless CCP provides evidence of their claims, it’s going to be interesting to see how Rubal presses forward with his “avenues for recourse”.

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