Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey Retro-Style JRPG Launches For Xbox One, Steam
Frane Dragon Odyssey

The throwback retro RPG from KEMCO, Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey, recently released for the Xbox One and on PC for both the Windows 10 Store and on Steam. The game’s launch week has a 10% off discount for a limited amount of time, so you can grab a copy for $11.69 instead of $12.99.

The game is a complete retro love letter to the classic games of old from the 16-bit era. Players take on the role of a young boy from the dragon tribe named Kunah. The boy is tasked with fulfilling the will of the gods by recovering a young girl from the Vanneth clan who has been lost in the world below. Kunah sets out on a journey to find Escude, and he’s joined by his childhood friend Riel, the daughter of the ice dragon chief, as they defeat enemies, craft new weapons, and unlock new magic in a unique battle system designed around rapid fire encounters.

You can see what the gameplay is like below.

The game also has somewhat of a relationship element to it as well, you can increase the bonds you have with your teammates by gathering supplies from beaten enemies and crafting items. These bonds will increase your fighting prowess in battle, and help you out throughout the journey.

In addition to fighting and raising your bonds, you’ll also be able to cook dishes to buff your stats, and upgrade your weapons along the the way.

It’s kind of unique that this game launched on Xbox One and PC and not on Nintendo Switch or PS4. I definitely would have expected the game to appear on Sony’s system first, but it looks like KEMCO and ExeCreate Inc., decided to take a risk with their old-school title being on Xbox and PC first and foremost.

You can pick up a digital copy of the game right now from over on the Steam store or you can head to the Microsoft Store to get a version for Windows 10 or the Xbox One.


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