Mortal Kombat 11 Launch Trailer Boasts Familiar Faces, Fan-Favorite Tune

Mortal Kombat 11 is set to slay next Tuesday, April 22, and NetherRealm Studios is getting the blood pumping nice and early with a launch trailer boasting familiar faces aplenty and a rocking soundtrack guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any series fan.

While we can rest assured that MK11 will offer loads of glorious fisticuffs, one of the main attractions in NetherRealm games in recent years have been their surprisingly entertaining stories. That’s not a shot at the developer’s previous efforts so much as a comment about how, until recently, nobody was playing a fighting game “for the story.”

But recent narratives have been well developed and fun as hell and, based on the launch trailer for Mortal Kombat 11, that’s exactly what we can expect out of the team’s latest blood-soaked yarn.

If you’ve been following the Mortal Kombat lore up to this point, you know that it has become somewhat convoluted. That’s to be expected when you have a series roster boasting dozens of characters, many of which have died, come back as zombies and eventually returned to the land of the living only to be overcome by dark sorcery.

In a way, MK11’s antagonist, Kronika, is kind of like a pissed off series fan who wants to simplify things a bit. As the Keeper of Time, Kronika seems to believe that the never-ending wars between Outworld and Earthrealm have thrown history out of whack and the many players in this narrative have not fulfilled their preordained destiny. To that end, she’s looking to reset the clock, which Raiden fears will tip the scales back in favor of Outworld and basically mean that all of this fighting, death and confusion will have been for nothing.

In the launch trailer, we get a peek at this plot in action, complete with series characters both new, old, and some that haven’t even been included in the game’s roster. On top of all of that, viewers are treated to the Dimitri Vegas and 2WEI remix of “Techno Syndrome,” the iconic series theme that’s had everybody screaming “Mortal Kombaaaaat!” since 1995.


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