Multiplayer Always Online Game Atlas Reactor Will Shut Down This June

Another online multiplayer game will be no more come Q2 2019. Joining the likes of The Culling in the digital graveyard is Trion Worlds’ Atlas Reactor, which takes gameplay cues from XCOM and blatantly uses OverWatch coloring and character designs as an influence. Well, the PC game will cease all activity starting June 28th, 2019.

Firstly, I bet you are thinking, “what is an Atlas Reactor?” Well, back in 2015 dev team Trion Worlds announced the turn-based online title that sports colorful aesthetics as a free-to-play game. Atlas Reactor was later released officially in October 2016 and will close as of June 2019.

Although publishers and suits keep saying that online games that are kid/esports friendly will last for a long time and accrue boatloads of money, the contrary happened in this case according to Mervin Lee Kwai — Vice President of Development at Gamigo and a former Executive Producer. Here’s what Kwai had to say in a recent open letter:

“Atlas Reactor was a truly innovative game built by a passionate group of highly skilled developers. I was lucky enough to watch our team breathe life into the world of Atlas on a daily basis. They broke the mold of same-y games, and a dedicated community rallied around the title. Despite the support of this great group of fans, Atlas Reactor never grew big enough to fund its continued development. It’s a shame to see this chapter come to a close, but perhaps we’ll have a chance to revisit the innovative spirit of Atlas in the future.”

The same letter continues except the Trion World team notes:

“It’s with a heavy heart that we announce today that the Atlas Reactor servers will be shutting down. This is not a decision that we have taken lightly, but we have come to the conclusion that the game can no longer sustain itself.”

Another excerpt from the notice touches on purchases, items, and XP:

“Starting today (04/17/2019) all purchasing has been shut off, and we have added new ways to acquire products that were previously for real money purchase. Additionally, we have turned the XP, Flux, and ISO rates up dramatically.


Our current plans are to run the servers until June 28th 2019, this is subject to change and we will announce here if it changes.”

Finally, it’s worth noting that things might change up until its June 28th, 2019, cease date, but if the words of Kwai and the Trion World’s team are anything to go by, then the game is in deep trouble.

If you want to, you can give Atlas Reactor a free try by hitting up its official Steam page.

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