Nintendo Blocks YouTube Videos Of Modded Nintendo Switch Content
Nintendo Copyright

Nintendo is on the hunt for copyright strikes against videos. Not just any videos, videos containing information, guides, or content related to modded Nintendo Switch units running games via homebrew software after the system was hacked back in early 2018.

YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer tossed up a six and a half minute video discussing a conundrum that he’s facing, where Nintendo has started blocking and copyright striking his videos centered around modding and homebrew software for the Nintendo Switch.

The video was posted up on April 12th, 2019 on the Modern Vintage Gamer YouTube channel.

Modern Vintage Gamer brings receipts to the table, showcasing images of the copyright strikes and the fact that certain videos have been blocked from being accessed on YouTube. What’s more is that the strikes came from a manual claim made by someone at Nintendo, likely their legal department.

The relevant part of the video comes at the 2:25 mark, where he explains…

“I’m being targeted by someone at Nintendo that obviously doesn’t like the videos that I’m releasing for the Nintendo Switch homebrew, and wants to censor me and censor other people from the fact that homebrew does exist on the Nintendo Switch, and they are going after YouTubers that are releasing homebrew Switch videos and issuing copyright claims for the most ridiculous reasons possible.”

Unfortunately, Modern Vintage Gamer notes that this means he will no longer make anymore Nintendo Switch homebrew videos related to modding or tinkering with the system, lest he get caught up in the copyright right claim crosshairs of Nintendo.

This is a very unfortunate turn of events, but I did reach out to Nintendo to find out why exactly homebrew is being targeted on YouTube and what sort of criteria they’re using to go after these videos. According to the PR, they won’t be able to get back with us until Tuesday, April 16th, so hopefully we’ll find out then what’s going on and update the article accordingly with Nintendo’s response.

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