Notmycar, Free-to-Play Vehicular Battle Royale Game Enters Early Access On Steam

notmycar Battle Royale

Skybound Games and NMC Studios announced that the vehicular combat Battle Royale game, Notmycar, has officially entered into Early Access on Steam as a free-to-play title.

You can download the game right now from over on the Steam store at no costs whatsoever… except for maybe the bandwidth you’ll consume downloading the game and the hard drive space required to store it. And yes, you will need around 30GB of free space for Notmycar, along with 8GB of RAM and at least an Intel i3-3220 and an Nvidia GT 750 to play it.

If you meet the requirements then feel free to grab a copy.

The game currently has a mixed rating on Steam, though. While it allows you to drop into the map from a cargo plane using your very own customized vehicle, the major issue most people have is the typical launch day woes found in most Early Access titles.

There are complaints about the controls being kind of clunky, the camera swivel not being very smooth, the aiming being difficult to master, and the lag spikes causing input delays that results in overall dissatisfaction with the way the game handles.

Now the good part is that since the game just entered into Early Access, there is the possibility that NMC Studios will see the feedback, crack down on glitches, squash the bugs, and improve the overall playability with a few patches and updates (hopefully).

According to the Early Access page they’re expecting Notmycar to stay in the developmental window for around six months. They plan on adding new game modes, new vehicles, new weapons, new abilities, and bump up the player count to 100 players per instance. They also have plans on adding a 10 kilometer map.

You can learn more about Notmycar, which is an online-only MMO Battle Royale game, by visiting the Steam store page.