Petition Garners 48,000 Signatures To Remove PewDiePie From YouTube For Normalizing “White Supremacy”

Maria Ruiz started a petition on to remove Felix Arvid “PewDiePie” Ulf Kjellberg from YouTube. The petition attempts to cast a net over would-be activists and Left-wing slactivists intent on making social change without actually doing anything, by roping them into supporting the removal of PewDiePie under the guise that he’s “normalizing white supremacy”.

As of the writing of this article, the petition has garnered more than 48,435 signatures.

Ruiz explained in the petition’s description…

“Up until 2017, YouTube considered his content “brand safe”. In 2017 they took minor action to appease angered customers. It is not enough. Even if PewDiePie cleaned up his act his comment sections are still a cesspool of white supremacist activities and commentaries.


“At what point is YouTube legally responsible for the content it provides and allows on its platform? I believe that his actions constitute a clear and present danger to society. YouTube’s guidelines state, “if content is intended to be humorous or satirical, it may remain online, “even if offensive or in poor taste.” However, “if the uploader’s intent is to incite violence or hatred, it will be removed.” How long will YouTube remain negligent?


“It’s Time to remove PewDiePie from YouTube permanently and develop AI to find and remove extremist material instead of having the SPLC do their work for them.”

The petition started two weeks ago shortly after the Christchurch, New Zealand shooting.

The media went on a binge-blaming spree targeting PewDiePie, #GamerGate, and gamers in general for the Christchurch shooting while governments and tech companies have been censoring content and arresting people for discussing and sharing the Christchurch shooting video.

So far YouTube has ignored the petition, but it’s fast approaching 50,000 signatures, which does make you question if YouTube at some point will acknowledge the petition.

PewDiePie, meanwhile, is busy fighting to reclaim his spot as the most subscribed content creator on the platform. His rivalry with T-Series has finally culminated with the Indian company headed up by Bhushan Kumar finally taking over the number one spot by defeating PewDiePie on March 30th, 2019, as reported by DNA India.

It’s unlikely that PewDiePie will let T-Series take the victory with ease, and he’ll probably retaliate in order to further increase his subscriptions beyond the 92 million mark, further making the petition barely able to reach 50,000 signatures look like infinitesimal small fries by comparison.

(Thanks for the news tip Treavor Calkum)


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