Prince Harry Says Fortnite Shouldn’t Be Allowed, Says Social Media Is More Addictive Than Drugs
Fortnite Ban

Prince Harry isn’t fond of Epic Games’ Fortnite. The game is wildly popular with casuals and kids. Funnily enough, the game’s nearest rival, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, was recently banned in various parts of India, Well, Harry seems to think Fortnite should join PUBG in being banned, because he thinks that the game shouldn’t be allowed anywhere.

Marketwatch is reporting that Harry made the comments during a YMCA event in west London on April 2nd, 2019, stating…

“That game shouldn’t be allowed. Where is the benefit of having it in your household? It’s created to addict, an addiction to keep you in front of a computer for as long as possible. It’s so irresponsible.


“Parents have got their hands up – they don’t know what to do about it. It’s like waiting for the damage to be done.”

Parents putting their foot down and being parents is apparently too much to ask for these days, as it’s more hip for Leftist to simply beg for government censorship instead.

MarketWatch also noted that Harry claimed that social media services such as Facebook and Twitter are “more addictive than alcohol and drugs.” This is despite the fact that Harry and his wife have an Instagram account with several million followers. So his comments are openly hypocritical.

Sujoy Roy, a former Quake player and the current director of e-sports at Luckbox, rebutted Prince Harry’s comments, saying…

“Fortnite isn’t the first hit game to have had a bad press and it won’t be the last. It’s really popular with younger gamers and, of course, parents should keep a close eye on what their kids are playing and doing online.


“But, like many games, Fortnite is a really fun and sociable way to spend free time and, like everything, should be enjoyed responsibly.


“Fortnite is great for players of all ages and, honestly, the best thing parents can do is to take an active interest in the game and get involved by playing alongside their children.


“Having lived and breathed esports for 20 years, I know that gaming can bring out the best in people.


“It’s a playground for digital natives, where you have to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and sometimes invent new ways to do things – highly important skills in many modern workplaces.


“Esports and gaming is here to stay, and the people who can make a name for themselves can expect a long and successful career ahead.”

Harry’s comments caused the British royalty to trend on the very social media services he says are more addictive than alcohol and drugs. Most people have ignored his statements while others have ridiculed him for piling onto the topic of calling for more censorship of entertainment.

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