Prodeus Is A High-Testosterone, Uber-Masculine FPS Evolution Of Doom 2

Brand new gameplay footage dropped for a new first-person shooter called Prodeus, which is currently being crowdfunded at the time of writing this article over on Kickstarter.

Don’t worry, though, the game already surpassed its funding goal so if you think it looks cool but feel bad for having gotten around to the funding page a little late, it very easily surpassed its $52,500 goal and managed to land $95,000 from 2,500 backers. It’s obviously no Subverse from Studio F.OW., but it managed to nestle in a decent little sum of financing from the core gaming community.

As for the gameplay, the developers posted up 12 minutes of pre-alpha demo footage to give gamers an idea of what to expect from the FPS inspired by 1990s shooters, specifically DOOM 2. In fact, the game feels like what a proper DOOM 3 should have been instead of what it actually was.

The general concept is that you play an agent of Prodeus, and your main goal is to take down your creator and everyone who gets in your way. Check it out below.

The game starts with a bang. You come out of the elevator and start banging heads.
The game is fuirously fast-paced and it sports full 3D environments with sprite enemies and weapons. So the way it works is that the weapons and enemies were originally rendered in 3D but then they snapped rasterized images of the 3D objects so that they look like classic 1990s enemies.

The same applies to the HQ sprite weapons. They look and sound beefy as heck, and the blood and gib effects are some of the best I’ve ever seen in any game, ever. There is a largely satisfying splooge to the way the blood just explodes, drips, and sprays over the environment. The extra enemy gib when shooting them to pieces – and seeing said gib roll and sputter across the floor – is extra satisfying.

This is a game made for men, and it’s oozing with the kind of machismo that you will not get from any other AAA game this year save for maybe DOOM: Eternal.

If you want to feel your testosterone recharge and your masculinity get the kind of exercise it’s been begging for, then Prodeus is the game you’ll want to keep your eyes on.

All of the weapons are badass, all of the enemies look menacing, and the environments are like a cross between DOOM from 2016, Quake II and Unreal Tournament fused together.

No complaints here.

If you want to see this real gamer’s game get made and get the funding it deserves to finally make FPS games great again, you better scrounge together some shekels and make your way to the Kickstarter page before the campaign wraps up.

If you liked Wrath: Aeon of Ruin or Ion Maiden, I’m pretty sure you’re definitely going to dig Prodeus. It’s like Brutal Doom on steroids.


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