Shadows Of Adam, SNES-Inspired JRPG Launches On Nintendo Switch May 3rd For $14.99
Shadows of Adam

Circle Entertainment and Something Classic Games announced that Shadows of Adam will arrive on the Nintendo Switch this May for $14.99. Specifically, you can look for the retro-style, SNES-inspired JRPG to launch on May 3rd. Pre-orders have already started for the game, offering gamers a 10% off discount for those who purchase early, bringing the total costs down to $13.49.

This is the first time that Shadows of Adam will appear on home console, and it comes complete with the previously released DLC for the game, so you get everything in one package for a single price on the Nintendo Switch.

The story of the game centers around the village of Adam, which rests within the Misty Woods, a locked away location hidden from the outside world. The legendary hero Orazio, who once defeated the darkness that spread around the world, is no longer around to save the people of Adam, and darkness is spreading about the land once more.

Ozario’s son and adopted daughter take up the mantle and go out in search of their father while also attempting to wrest the darkness away from Adam.

You’ll play as multiple characters throughout the journey, indulge in more than 40 original tracks composed for the game, and battle against enemies using a fast-paced combat system.

Visually the game reminds me a lot of Final Fantasy V. But there’s definitely a lot more detail put into the animations, and the game dabbles inĀ  some environmental puzzles to help mix up the experience and add some variety to the gameplay.

Obviously if you’re not into 16-bit retro graphics and weren’t very fond of the old JRPGs on the SNES, you’ll probably scoff and pretentiously turn up your nose at the game, but if you’re down for some old-school adventuring without all the sociopolitics bogging it down then it might worth checking out.

You can look for Shadows of Adam to arrive on the Nintendo eShop next month starting May 3rd.


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