Swamp Thing Teaser Trailer For DC’s New Show Looks Legit
Swamp Thing (2019)

DC Universe has been struggling to find its footing and get its characters and worlds established and off the ground in a consistent way. After the Nolan Dark Knight trilogy they’ve had plenty of ups and downs, but it looks like Swamp Thing might be one of the “ups” this time around… if the teaser trailer is anything to go by.

Anyone who knows anything about comic book movies knows that the original Swamp Thing from Wes Craven and Len Win from back in 1982 is one of the best and weirdest comic book movies out there. The movie was kind of bizarre in all the best ways, like a cross between Snake Eater and The Island of Dr. Moreau. Well, the teaser for the upcoming DC Universe show based on the supernatural super hero seems to retain a similar horror-style vibe to its aesthetic. The teaser is only a minute long but it looks impressive… so far. Check it out below courtesy of Movie Trailers Source.

The trailer wisely avoids any kind of spoilers.

This leaves potential viewers grasping at the possible outcomes for the show, which could very well end up being like the Wes Craven classic, or it could end up being something akin to the comics, or it could end up being its own thing.

There’s definitely an interesting line-up of actors signed on to the project, with Will Patton, Virgina Madsen, Jennifer Beals, and Kevin Durand adding some legitimate star power to the project. However, the real mark of quality will be determined by the show’s writing and production values.

On the plus side at least they’re sticking with some practical effects and a traditional costume for Swamp Thing, who will be played by the imposing 6’5 Derek Mears. As far as capturing the presence of the forest fighter I think they’ve done a solid job, especially since Dick Durock made the feature film debut of the character so iconic for so many years. You can see that in the design they’ve tried to keep the costume very similar to Durock’s turn as the character, which is a nice head-nod to the classic.

Additionally, the special effects group working on the show are the same minds behind Annabelle and The Nun. So you can take that for what it’s worth.

You can look for Swamp Thing to drop on the DC Universe starting May 31st.


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