Upcoming Hitman 2 DLC Includes New Mission Locations, Lots More

Hitman 2 was already a fantastic game and it looks like IO Interactive will be making it even better over the coming months, recently revealing the game’s content “road map” for the rest of 2019, which includes two brand new locations to explore and stealth-kill your way across.

So as not to bury the lead, Hitman 2 is getting two new Sniper maps and two new mission maps this year, beginning with The Bank and The Resort for agents looking to cause a little chaos. The Bank will be introduced this summer with The Resort coming this fall. These are standard mission locations, complete with new targets, narrative threads to follow, gear, costumes and the like. You can basically think of this as two full new chapters being added onto the core game. No word yet on what the objectives are, but I’d put money on the mission set in The Bank taking place during an active heist.

Also up for grabs will be a Hantu Port map for the game’s Sniper mode this spring, and a Sniper map for The Prison this fall. If you haven’t played this particular mode yet, you get to hunt your prey from about a mile away, tracking targets through a scope and trying to take them out in ways that will go unnoticed by other characters who happen to be roaming the map.

The various seasons will be peppered with additional content, too, as you can see from the image above. The spring will bring things like a trip to Santa Fortuna in Ghost Mode, as well as a spring break theme that appears to be for the Miami map.

Some new Special Assignment mission will drop this summer, as well as a Jungle Summer theme for one of the maps, probably Santa Fortuna. The fall will bring additional Special Assignment missions, a new Ghost Mode map set in Mumbai, a Rivals theme for one of the maps and a Halloween theme for another.

Keep in mind that all of that is on top of the usual missions and challenges that rotate into Hitman 2 weekly and it’s clear that series fans have a lot to look forward to through the rest of the year.


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