Warframe Opens Verified Discord, Ends Guides Of The Lotus Program Following Controversy


A couple of big changes have happened in the Warframe community as Digital Extremes seem to have come down hard to curtail some of the bad habits that were snipping away at the threads that made up the fabric of their community.

The news came via a post made on April 5th, 2019 over on the Warframe forums by community manager, Rebecca Ford.

The post is kept fairly short and sweet, with Rebecca starting by reminding people that the chat moderation program is still a work in progress, and that the moderators’ off-site behavior don’t reflect Digital Extremes’ views as a company, writing…

“The majority of oversight and reporting goes through paid professionals as of December 2018. Any remaining volunteers are re-trained, re-signed agreements, and have new policies about behaviour. All behaviour has always been logged. The rules followed are DE’s, and no one else’s. Any past transgressions have been dealt with, we don’t blame people for reacting poorly to what information was publicly available. People’s public behaviour on their personal spaces do not reflect DE’s views as a company.”

This comes after a rather tumultuous bout of having various moderators upchuck any sense of decorum and attack the Warframe community. Some of the troublemaking moderators finally did the right thing and stepped down after years of consternation and complaints from gamers.

That being said, Rebecca also addressed another issue they had within the community regarding the Guides of the Lotus program, which was supposed to be based around appointed individuals within the community helping out the newbies. A new community-oriented feature will be implemented instead, with Rebecca explaining…

“Formal retiring of Guides of the Lotus program. This is a difficult decision especially after 4 years of working with an amazing bunch of hardworking volunteers.


“The main reason for this is simple:


“Everyone wants to help, so why don’t we open that up to the community at large!


“Taking its place will be a new system – we learned so much from working with volunteers over 4 years. Creating a system where helping a noob, having good advice, or being a kick-ass Frost can be acknowledged by your fellow Tenno is a path we want to go down. We will have an endorsements feature that allows players to acknowledge fellow Tenno for their honor and actions in-game. Stay tuned for more, it’s early days still!”

YouTuber Iwoply does a breakdown of the post and explains more in detail what the Guides of the Lotus program was about and the issues that surrounded the program.

Rebecca also goes on to address another issue that was brought up earlier this year, and that had to do with Digital Extremes’ attachment to an unofficial Discord server, which was allegedly tainted with corruption due to the administrator.

To rectify this problem, Digital Extremes decided to open up their very own Discord server, and make it official… and verified.

The soft-launch for the Discord channel has already begun, and you can sign up to join it right now over on the Discord app page.

As pointed out in the video above, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be problems with the official Discord server, but trust that there should be less controversy and drama than what was taking place with the unofficial Warframe Discord server.

Most of the feedback has been positive so far, but there’s been such a strain on the community with having to fight back and forth with the community managers and Digital Extremes just to get some semblance of sanity in place. We’ll see how it turns out now that it looks like a new leaf is turning in the way Digital Extremes handles community interactions, and hopefully it all works out for the best.

(Thanks for the news tip MaverickHL)