Wrath: Aeon of Ruin Video Showcases 20 Minutes Of Quake-Inspired Gameplay
Wrath Aeon of Fury

3D Realms, 1C Entertainment and Killpixel Games’ Wrath: Aeon of Ruin blasted onto the scene back in early March of this year. The game is still heavy in development in preparation for its release on home consoles and PC this summer. There was some additional pre-alpha footage that was let loose during this year’s PAX East for anyone who may have missed it, there’s a video up and available courtesy of 3D Realms to give gamers a look at 22 minutes worth of gameplay.

The video starts in a crypt where the player has to kill a few undead walkers who bust out of tombs, the walls, and roam the halls.

The early going is all melee based until the main character gets his hand on a badass revolving shotgun. You can check it out below.

After making short work of the walkers, there are some flying creatures that pose a serious problem for the player-character, as dodging and strafing really come into play.

After heading outside the stage opens up some more and we see a few more areas getting explored, including an aqueduct system underground where a green-orb throwing monster attempts to make life a little bit harder for the main hero.

Further into the facility a rapid-fire stake gun is acquired that makes short work of most enemies. We also get to see how the special shells in the shotgun can be used to ricochet the bullets off the walls.

The gameplay looks a lot more involved and faster paced than what we saw before.

Halfway through the video and it starts turning into a far more sinister, frantic fight for survival, reminiscent of the old-school, classic first-person shooter games from the 1990s.

The map is also designed to imitate the sort of designs from older first-person shooter game. You have to backtrack, scour for keys, move up and down elevators, and search rooms for supplies. It’s no where near as linear as the typical Half-Life or Call of Duty-inspired maps that are present in most first-person shooter games today.

I think the increase in on-screen enemies and the solid gameplay could make Wrath a honeypot for core gamers with a penchant for Quake-style games.

You can learn more about Wrath: Aeon of Ruin by visiting the Steam store page ahead of its initial summer release.

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