Activision Promising Something ‘Game-Changing’ With Next Call Of Duty

The latest installment in the Call of Duty series is expected out later this year and, while we don’t have many concrete details about the game just yet, a comment made during a recent earnings call states that shooter fans should expect “game-changing experiences.”

To be fair, damn-near every iterative game series promises something “we’ve never seen before” with each new title and it’s usually not something worth all that fuss. But if Activision is promising something game-changing for the next Call of Duty, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt until I see a full game reveal. Speaking of a reveal, we’re expecting to get all of the juicy details concerning the next Call of Duty at E3 in a few weeks, so hopefully the revelations live up to the earnings call hype.

According to Multiplayer First, this comment was made by Activision’s Collister Johnson while discussing the game during this week’s earnings call. A few tidbits could be pulled from his additional comments, including that the team recognizes “that we need to do even more to maintain the breadth of our Call of Duty player base beyond the launch quarters…” It’s looked for a while now like Call of Duty might shift to adopt more of a games-as-service model, and this certainly sounds like a nod in that direction. I’m not expecting CoD to go full Destiny, but it might be interesting to see what the series looks like as a looter shooter. I’m sure Activision would damn-near tank it immediately with predatory microtransaction practices and loot boxes, but it would still make for an entertaining show.

At this point, we know that Infinity Ward is working on the 2019 Call of Duty and, a couple of weeks back, they invited a bunch of professional athletes to play the game at a private event. There are loads of rumors circulating that this will be Modern Warfare IV, and it’s been stated that a single player campaign and cooperative modes will also be included. Activision is also touting “massive” multiplayer options.

I’m starting to wonder if maybe the “game-changing experiences” will simply be continuing content. Like, instead of building a brand new battle royale mode, is it possible the next Call of Duty will simply carry over Blackout, letting players on both games battle in the same pool?


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