Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Heading To Nintendo Switch With New Local Co-op Mode

Brothers A Tale of Two Son Nintendo Switch Release

505 Games and Turn Me Up Games announced that the award-winning puzzle-platformer, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, will be launching on the Nintendo Switch starting May 28th next week for $14.99. The game will be available on the Nintendo eShop as a digital download.

The highlight for the late but welcome Switch version is the addition of a local cooperative mode that can be played by two players. The mode will enable gamers to play through the puzzles with a friend or family mate using two controllers, giving the game an extra reason to be played on Nintendo’s little console that could.

The Switch version will also come with additional exclusive content, including a concept art gallery and new behind-the-scenes commentary provided by Swedish director, Josef Fares.

The trailer showcases how the two-player mode works, and how both players will make use of a shared screen to shimmy, climb, run, and jump their way across the levels toward the goal.

Some of the puzzles and segments are pretty cool, as you’ll have to swing across statues, shift and move your weight across a glider to navigate through fjords, and even saw down a tree.

A lot of these concepts that the developers introduced in Brothers we saw extended to Fares’ other co-op game, A Way Out. I tend to get the feeling that he’s really into co-op games and playing with his buddies or family. It’s a rare thing outside of Switch games, but I suppose it makes sense that a game so heavily reliant on cooperative mechanics would make its way to Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Hopefully Fares makes more games like Brothers and A Way Out because they’re both memorable games for being fun and replayable, especially in an age where most titles being produced by big companies are done to push agitprop.

As mentioned, you can look for Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons to launch on the Nintendo Switch starting May 28th for $14.99. For more info you can visit the official website.