Epic Games Store May Block Your Account If You Purchase A Bunch Of Games Too Fast
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The Epic Games Store may block your account if you purchase too many games too quickly. This was a lesson learned the hard way for some gamers who found themselves blocked from purchasing games after buying too many, too quickly.

GameRevolution picked up the story from Twitch streamer Patrick Boivin, who shared a screenshot of his account being blocked from making any further purchases during an Epic Games Store sale.

Epic Games Store PR front man Nick Chester told GameRevolution…

“This was a result of our aggressive fraud rules. If players run into this issue, they should contact player support so we can investigate.”

Kotaku also did an article about the user blocks, but Chester became surly, censuring Kotaku for the headline and the way they framed the article.

Some people questioned if the article was actually accurate, though, and whether the information was factual. This led to people questioning Chester directly about his issues with the article and on May 21st, 2019 Chester responded by acknowledging that buying too quickly on the Epic Games Store may result in your account being blocked.

So even while Chester derides Kotaku’s use of a headline whose tone he disagrees with, he still concedes that buying too many games too quickly will still likely result in your account getting blocked.

This is just another story in a long line of issues that people have had with the Epic Games Store.

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