Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Will Require Always-On Connection, Will Skip Steam For Epic Games Store

Ubisoft is set to release Ghost Recon: Breakpoint on October 4th, 2019, across PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Except there are some problems. The upcoming title that acts like DLC to Wildlands requires an online connection at all times while playing, and it won’t release on Steam but the Epic Games Store.

If you like to play games offline even if the title happens to be an online one, the option to play solo is a sweet option nonetheless. Well, in the case of Breakpoint that’s not possible.

According to a recent tweet that a curious Matt Hile sent toward the official Ghost Recon Breakpoint account, the following exchange of words unfolded confirming an always-online connection to play Breakpoint.

Having played games myself that demand constant online connection, it’s annoying when the game kicks you out due to a quick loss of connection turning a good run into a waste of time.

But if an online connection isn’t a deal breaker to you, but you happen to fancy Steam, then you’re out of luck. The upcoming tactical third-person shooter will release on Uplay and the Epic Games Store, which means you’ll have to suffice for the former or latter storefront. This was confirmed to PCGamesN who reached out for confirmation from Ubisoft regarding the matter. The article briefly states…

“Ubisoft has confirmed to us that the upcoming Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be an Epic Games Store exclusive. Much like other recent Ubisoft releases like Anno 1800 and The Division 2, the new Ghost Recon game will launch on PC via the Epic Games Store, alongside Ubisoft’s own digital distribution service Uplay.”

I’m sure the game will still perform well given that a dedicated fanbase follows Ubisoft and the Ghost Recon franchise. However, time will tell how Breakpoint pans out sales wise, but I’ll tell you microtransactions will likely be prevalent and in full force wrapped up under the excuse of “cosmetic only” to avoid any backlash.

Well, if you want to play Breakpoint you best have a stable internet connection if you want to stay active in the game thanks to the always online DRM…. and you won’t be able to play the upcoming game on Steam — only on Uplay or the Epic Games Store. With that said, the title in question will launch late 2019 across PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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