Hiroshi Yoshimura Says His Team Will Do Their Best On Code Vein

Bandai Namco is working on Code Vein, but the game in question has been radio silent. However, a recent tweet by Code Veins‘ director Hiroshi Yoshimura reveals that he’s giving the action-RPG his best to meet fan expectations.

I think anyone who is a fan or looking forward to Code Vein knows the deal, right? If not, the game was announced in April 2017 and was originally meant to be released in September 2018, until being delayed into 2019. Code Vein is slated to release this year, but no direct launch date has been set.

Like clockwork, many skeptical fans believed that this is a sign of the game facing cancelation due to the immense silence. Contrary to that, the game seems to be alive and kicking if Code Vein’s director, Yoshimura, words hold any indication.

To celebrate a new era in Japan (moving from the Heisei Era to the Reiwa Era), Yoshimura tweeted the following information regarding Code Vein:

In case you can’t read the April 30th, 2019, tweet by Yoshimura about Code Vein, a translation sits below:

“In order to make Codevain the first and best work of the Reiwa Era, we will do our best with the God Eater team.”

Not too long after said tweet went up, fans poured in to wish Yoshimura the best (work and health wise), to which he often replies with much gratitude. However, one fan exclaimed that they are looking forward to Code Vein and Yoshimura replied with the following:

If you can’t read the above tweet that Yoshimura posted, then you can look over the translation right here:

“For me, I hope you enjoy it [Code Vein]!


In order to meet your expectations, along with Yoda D and the shift staff headed by Mr. Yamamoto, I will do my best.”

And of course, many people also wanted to know if Code Vein will have a Nintendo Switch version since God Eater 3 will be getting one on July 12th, 2019:

And the translated version of Yoshimura reply lies below:

“We are pleased to announce that Codevein’s supported hardware will be announced soon. Thank you for your interest in the Switch version of GE3. I am glad you are looking forward to it!”

Another fan wanted to know if a Switch version is in the works as of now, but it seems like it’s not:

According to Yoshimura, the planned versions look to be the only versions for Code Vein‘s launch. However, it does not rule out a post-launch Switch release:

“The hardware is as we announced (PC via Steam, PS4, Xbox One). I know I have kept you waiting, but I’m glad that you want a Switch version.”

And lastly, some rumors have been floating around that Code Vein will release on September 30th, 2019, or December 31st, 2019. Do know that those dates are place holders and are subject to change. In other words, the amazon.com and amazon.co.jp show a tentative date.

With all of that said, Code Vein is still in development and is not dead. The devs are working hard on the game to meet fan expectation and will try to deliver the game this year on announced platforms — PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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