John Romero Explains Doom: Sigil Delay, Update On Shipment To Come Soon

Whether you love him or hate him, John Romero has taken to Twitter to update gamers and fans alike on Doom: Sigil’s delay. The megawad teased late last year and due for a February 2019 release, looks to have two production problems.

As a quick summary, Sigil is a megawad for the OG Doom created by one of the original creators of the game, John Romero. The upcoming 18 level wad (nine single-player and nine deathmatch stages) will be free at launch and is the spiritual successor to the fourth episode of Doom as explained below:

“SIGIL is a free megawad for the original 1993 DOOM® created by John Romero. It contains nine single-player and nine deathmatch levels. The free megawad will be released in mid- February 2019 and requires players own the original 1993 registered version of DOOM® in order to play. SIGIL is the spiritual successor to the fourth episode of DOOM®, and picks up where the original left off.”

The delayed wad has two versions the “SIGIL Standard Edition Box PC Megawad” which runs for $39.99 and the “SIGIL Beast Box PC Megawad” retailing for $166.00. Although work on the wad has been done for quite some time, Romero explains the two production issues — which relate to the Beast Box edition — on and below:

So what does this all mean? Well, it means that there are production issues at Limited Run with the “head” (likely the pewter statue of Romero’s head on a spike) and the disk. All units of the head are crafted and finished, but the disk is also apparently facing issues too which is “expected in shortly.”

Romero has asked Limited Run to regularly update people who have purchased the game since it’s reported to be out of the former’s control.

In short, the game is still delayed. You can keep up with all things Doom: Sigil by hitting up


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