Kingdom Come: Deliverance ‘A Woman’s Lot’ DLC Is 10-15 Hours Long

Warhorse Studios PR manager Tobias Stolz-Zwilling has stepped forward to talk with another publication site about Kingdom Come: Deliverance ‘A Woman’s Lot’ DLC and how long it will take for gamers to complete it. The DLC will be around “10-15 hours” in length. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is available to pick up now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Website had the chance to talk to Stolz-Zwilling, although the full interview isn’t up as of this writing, the synopsis of what to expect from the piece tells us some interesting tidbits on KCD’s upcoming DLC.

Firstly, Stolz-Zwilling tells the website that this DLC takes place in an “alternate timeline.” Although I’m not a fan of pseudo things, if you’re looking forward to this expansion do know that this alternate timeline is a thing:

“Speaking exclusively to OnlySP, Warhorse Studios PR manager Tobias Stolz-Zwilling said the events that in ‘A Woman’s Lot’ unfold through Theresa’s eyes will take place in an “alternative ‘timeline’” that happens alongside the main game.”

If the whole alternate timeline isn’t a scene to complain about to you, the interview also shines a light on how long ‘A Woman’s Lot’ DLC will run. The estimated play time seems to clock in at ten hours and then some according to Warhorse Studios PR manager:

“Stolz-Zwilling also mentioned that players should expect to spend between 10 and 15 hours exploring all this new content has to offer, though “this heavily depends on the playing style.””

In case you don’t know, last month we reported on Stolz-Zwilling explaining that the DLC in question features three parts, one of which allows you to play as Theresa, who sports her own inventory space, skills, and clothing. In other words, men have their clothes, and the women have their clothes.

Moreover, the first part of the DLC players will assume Theresa and play through the early segments of Kingdom Come: Deliverance — during the part where the town is under attack.

Something worth noting, Theresa can fight, but her skills aren’t as potent as Henry’s since she isn’t a fighter. This means stealth is advised instead of brute strength.

Lastly, Henry will still be playable in the upcoming DLC. However, he’s slated to embark on an “epic quest.” Sadly, details on this “epic quest” haven’t been shared yet.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – A Woman’s Lot is slated to drop sometime mid this year for PC, and home consoles.

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