Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD Comedic RPG-RTS Surpasses Crowdfunding Goal With One Week To Go
Kofi Quest Alpha Mod

Spanish developer Loftur Studio is wrapping up their Kickstarter campaign for the comedic RTS RPG, Kofi Quest: Alpha MOD. The game managed to just sneak past its crowdfunding goal of $33,544. The game is currently sitting at $35,665 over on the Kickstarter page.

The game likely slipped past the radar of a lot of people but it’s actually a heck of a lot more charming than I thought it would be.

The game is inspired both by The Legend of Zelda and the original Warcraft RTS series. You can definitely see the influences from both games once you grab a glimpse at the gameplay and characters, which takes place in a high-fantasy virtual world where you control a lazy, wannbe hero named Kofi who is a slacker gamer who just wants to sit on his couch all day and play video games with his slug friend.

Eventually he’s goaded into adventuring, which takes him across a vast and richly absurd world filled with ridiculous characters and over-the-top scenarios.

The pitch trailer for Kofi Quest is actually really, really good. It makes the game look like a ton of fun, check it out below.

So basically you’re not limited to just a handful of characters being recruited to your team. You can actually recruit a variety of troops to your cause and send them into battle with RTS-style control mechanics, as evident in the trailer above.

As you win battles, level-up the characters, and defeat bosses, you’ll be able to acquire new gear and upgrade your small band of misfits to explore new areas of the region and unlock new quests.

There are a total of 60 different enemies to encounter and a bunch of mini-games to encounter throughout your journey.

Kofi Quest - Big Time Heroes

Visually the game reminds me a lot of Castle Crashers but with the irreverent humor from The Regular Show or Adventure Time with Finn & Jake.

If the game is well-paced and decently structured I could see this becoming a new-school sleeper hit like Saturday Morning RPG.

If you’re interested in helping out the developers during the final stretch of the Kickstarter with one week to go, you can do so by visiting the Kickstarter campaign page.


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