Lords Of The Fallen 2 Moves To Yet Another Development Team

It looks like Lords of the Fallen 2 is seeing another development shakeup, with CI Games deciding to part ways with the team from Defiant Studios, which had only been working on the title for about a year.

Once development for Lords of the Fallen 2 got rolling, it was in the hands of Deck13 Interactive. CI Games announced last June that it was breaking off that partnership, opting to shift the game to Defiant instead. Now CI is hoping the third time’s the charm when it comes to developers, as they’ve once again pulled a team from the project.

According to Eurogamer, CI was not pleased with the progress LotF2 had seen in the past year, which reports state was begun from scratch after the departure of the first developer. In a press release sent out this past week, CI Games announced it would be bringing development in-house, with additional support gained through outsourcing.

As the original report notes, it doesn’t seem like this was a super friendly split, with CI Games taking shots at the progress made by Defiant Studios and Defiant snapping back within the limits of its “contractual confidentiality obligations.”

In the original press release, CI Games stated a specific issue with the game’s 11th scheduled milestone, which was apparently supposed to be a vertical slice of what Lords of the Fallen 2 will ultimately be. The announcement states that the quality was lower than expected, despite three calls for improvement in the past. In all honestly, it’s a little shocking to see this kind of statement in a press release. This kind of stuff happens, but it usually isn’t spelled out in such detail. Usually we get, “The two entities have decided to part ways” and that’s that. Why? Becaue as Defiant noted, they contractually can’t say too much to actually defend themselves.

In a response to Eurogamer, the developer said they “categorically disagree” with CI’s portrayal of their work, noting that the team has worked on games like Just Cause 3, Far Cry 5 and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in the past. In other words, they’re a talented and experienced team.

Unfortunately, there’s no telling what the “real story” is here. For now, apparently Lords of the Fallen 2 is still in the works and, years from now, Defiant will probably be able to break silence with their side of the story.


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