Mario Kart Tour Reportedly Has The Worst Kind Of Loot Boxes

Nintendo’s latest mobile game, Mario Kart Tour, has gone into wider beta testing and according to early reports, the game features some rather frustrating microtransactions. On top of several tiers of lootbox nonsense, some of the rewards apparently have an impact on the actual gameplay.

Before rolling ahead, it’s probably important to mention that Mario Kart Tour is still in beta and is expected to launch later this year. That being the case, it’s entirely possible (though not very likely) Nintendo will make alterations to the game before it actually launches to a wider audience. At the moment, though, the use of microtransactions within the game are about as gross as you would expect.

According to a report on Game Revolution, there are three different types of loot boxes in Mario Kart Tour. One will unlock new characters, one will unlock new karts and one will unlock new gliders. These are primarily cosmetic but, again, you’re paying for something without actually knowing what you’re buying. This is the very kind of system that has caused quite a bit of controversy in recent years and it’s exactly why Nintendo is set to pull two of its mobile games from Belgium later this year. Belgium has basically outlawed this kind of microtransaction, which explains why, in a statement explaining why Nintendo was axing two mobile games in the region, it noted that future games with similar systems won’t even launch there. In other words, it doesn’t sound too likely Belgium will be getting Mario Kart Tour anytime soon.

Another antiquated microtransaction popping up in Mario Kart Tour is a stamina system that only lets you play a certain number of races per hour.

The real rub, though, is that characters earned through the loot boxes actually have an impact on the gameplay. As explained in the original post, some characters get bonuses on certain stages. Luigi, for instance, has access to three items if he’s racing on the Luigi’s Mansion map. And apparently the characters that get these bonuses are, surprise-surprise, the rare drops.


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