Mega Man: The Wily Wars And Nine Others Join Sega Genesis Mini Roster

Another 10 games have been announced for the Sega Genesis Mini console and, honestly, this thing is shaping up to be a real powerhouse.

Sega has been announcing titles for its upcoming micro console piecemeal and, today, we’ve got another 10 titles to add to the list. This brings the total count to 30 revealed games, meaning we’ve still got 10 left to hear about sometime in the coming weeks.

The biggest surprise in this most recent reveal is Mega Man: The Wily Wars. That game launched for the Genesis in Japan and Europe, but it only ever hit the states online and through the Sega Channel. What makes it extra special is that it includes updated versions of the first three Mega Man games, so it’s basically three games in one.

Also making the cut with today’s announcement are Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition, Sonic Spinball, Phantasy Star IV, Beyond Oasis, Ghouls ‘N Ghosts, Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, Golden Axe, Vectorman and Wonder Boy in Monster World. That’s a heck of a lot of great news for classic gaming fans and, again, that’s on top of the 20 games that have already been announced. You can visit the official website if you want the full rundown but, as highlights, the console also includes games like Castlevania Bloodlines, ToeJam & Earl, Sonic, Gunstar Heroes, Earthworm Jim, and Contra: Hard Corps.

We’re still a ways off from the console’s September 19 launch, so there’s a wide window for Sega to announce the final 10 games. Given the rate they’ve been rolling out reveals, though, I wouldn’t expect to have to wait more than a month to get those final details. In the meantime, the Sega Genesis Mini can be preordered from damn-near everywhere for 80 bucks.

OK, with only 10 games left on the list, what titles do you folks want to see added to the console? Let us know in the comments below.


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