MiniDoom 2 Is A 2D Shooter Based On Doom And It’s Free To Download
MiniDoom 2

Indie studio Calavera Studio and Vox Populi Estudios released a 2D side-scrolling version of Doom called MiniDoom 2, which is like combining the classic Contra games with the weapons, enemies, and levels from Doom. The sprite-based platformer originally came out back in March, but in case you missed it you can grab the free client-download right now from over on the page.

The game features 17 new levels to jump, shoot, run, dodge-roll, and rip and tear through, along with two new bosses to fight, 14 weapons to collect, and 40 minutes of intense metal music and ambient horror-core.

There are also five different difficult settings, four game modes, and some brand new additions to the Doom experience to spice up the gameplay, including jump-pads, platforming puzzles, traps, and more. You can get a taste of what the game has to offer in the trailer below.

The gameplay reminds me of an improved version of Duke Nukem 2 or BioMenace, two classic side-scrolling PC games from back in the early 1990s, just before 256-colors became standard.

The game features a bunch of enemies both from the classic first-person shooter series, as well as some of the villains from the newer games, such as Doom 3 and Doom 2016.

You’ll battle through levels reminiscent of the four major canonical games, ranging from the moon base, to the labs, and from the processing plants to the inner circles of hell itself.

MiniDoom 2 - 8

The weapons are also varied across all the major games, giving you access to the pistol, shotgun, chainsaw, and plasma rifle, as well as some more unique weapons like the flaming fists, and the laser rifle.

This is the kind of classic 2D game I wish we saw appear more often from larger studios, but they’re too busy trying to push degenerate sociopolitical agendas down our throats rather than focusing on quality, wholesome entertainment like MiniDoom 2.

Anyway, you can grab a free copy of the hardcore, gore-filled, 2D shooter right now by hitting up the page.

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