Monster Hunter World Update Livestream Set For Thursday Night

So, what’s next for Capcom’s hugely successful action looter, Monster Hunter World? That’s a question Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto plans to answer personally during a livestream reveal event scheduled for this Thursday, May 9.

Capcom recently revealed that Monster Hunter World has become its best-selling game of all time, spurred on by a never-ending stream of weekly challenges, seasonal events and crossover DLC featuring characters coming from series like Street Fighter, Devil May Cry and The Witcher.

In order to get everyone excited for the road ahead – and probably add a few more sales onto that record-setting figure – Capcom has scheduled a “Spring Update Reveal” livestream for May 9 beginning at 4 p.m. PT. The only thing we really know about the event at this moment is that members of the development team will be on hand to dish the details themselves. If you want to watch the event in English, just head on over to the Monster Hunter World’s Twitch feed.

The last time Capcom held an event like this for World, we got our first glimpse at the game’s upcoming “massive expansion,” Iceborne. That was this past December, when players were promised the update will include new locales to explore, new monsters to hunt, new gear, moves, quest ranks and more. Series fans have done a lot of speculation in the months between then and now and, with any luck, we’ll get some solid new details during tomorrow’s stream.

To be clear, Capcom is calling this their “Spring Update Reveal.” World is in the middle of a spring festival at the moment, so it’s unclear what else might be offered for this quarter. Then again, the wording is a bit tricky. It’s possible they aren’t planning on talking about a “Spring update” so much as talking about future updates, like Iceborne, and the “spring” bit is just referencing when they’re holding the reveal. I probably just made things more complicated than they needed to be, I just didn’t want to say “we might be getting Iceborne” details and then it turns out Capcom doesn’t plan on discussing that update further until closer to its expected fall launch.

Either way, if you’re a fan of the game, it looks like you’ll be getting some sort of peek at the road ahead during tomorrow’s livestream.


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