My Lovely Daughter, Alchemist Sim Sees Grief-Stricken Father Having To Re-Kill Resurrected Daughter
My Lovely Daughter

Toge Productions and GameChanger Studios has a really weird game on the horizon for the Nintendo Switch called My Lovely Daughter. The game is about a grief-stricken alchemist who decides to do something about his despair: resurrect his dead daughter. Like all horror tales about bringing back the the dead, things don’t quite turn out so well for the alchemist and his grief is neither abated nor absolved.

Toge’s title uses unique art-style that looks like sketches from aged paper brought to life. It’s to fit the game’s off-kilter tone centered around a father’s love for his daughter, so much so that this desideratum drives him to madness in pursuit of bringing his dead daughter back to life. The game centers around delving into and building out your forbidden alchemy skills by creating all sorts of homunculi, raising them and building relationships with them. However, you’ll need to keep a steady flow of income established and so you’ll have to harvest the bodies of some of your homunculi by murdering them.

Yes, this is a pretty dark game.

The murder is partially justified by the fact that the recreations of Faust’s daughter usually turn out to be monstrosities the likes of which fuel nightmares.

But it gets darker…

These monstrosities feel.

You’ll collect notes from the failed experiments, as they write and express their emotions to Faust. In one clip we see that one of his daughters is named “Despair” because she’s filled with sadness and despair after being told she was an unsuccessful experiment. In the letter she apologizes for being a failure and expresses how insignificant her life feels as she awaits her death.

The macabre letters also contribute to the storytelling, as they reveal the mental state of Faust’s daughters, and the decisions that players will be tasked with making to either keep around these horrendous experiments or harvest them by killing them and selling goods to keep your alchemist pursuits of perfection well fed and fueled.

The game’s unique simulation-style gameplay helps encourage different outcomes and play-styles that will affect the game’s ending, of which there are many.

My Lovely Daughter will also feature a Gothic-inspired soundtrack to help compliment the story and gameplay. You can look for the game to launch on the Nintendo Switch starting May 23rd. For more info feel free to visit the Nintendo eShop page.


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