Over The Cloud: Lost Planet, Sci-Fi Visual Novel Sports Monsters, Spaceships, And The End of the World
Over The Cloud

South Korean developer Archive Factory released their sci-fi visual novel onto Steam this month for just $9.99. The game features artwork from Korean artist GLPI, who has worked on CG images for some time but decided to finally try their hand at making a full fledged visual novel.

The text-based story centers around the discovery of advanced new technology using rare ore from comets that crashed on Earth. The technology allowed humans to build new weapons and spaceships in which to surf the stars and make new discoveries.

Everything seemed to be going well at first, and humankind was on the bring of a new technological age to push civilization further than it’s ever been… until one day there was a simultaneous appearance of monsters popping up all over the world, seemingly made out of the comet’s ore, turning the newfound civilization into a potential recipe for Armageddon. You can check out the launch trailer below to get an idea of what the art and characters are like.

The general storyline follows various characters as they attempt to discover where the monsters came from and how. It also has multiple dialogue/choice options in some segments, but they don’t say if this alters the ending.

The sci-fi visual novel reminds me a little bit of Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse meets Space Battleship Yamato and a touch of Godzilla.

I have no idea how deep into the science fiction the visual novel gets or how violent it is; we do see that some of the characters acquire some special weapons in which to fight the monsters, but the description on the store page is rather thin.

I wouldn’t doubt it if the story followed Attack on Titan’s premise and some of the monsters actually turned out to be humans.

Anyway, the indie visual novel featuring GLPI’s work is available right now over on the Steam store.


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