Platinum Games’ Inaba Briefly Talks Secret Project, Bayonetta 3 And More

Publication outlet Video Games Chronicle had the chance to visit Osaka, Japan and talk to Platinum Games studio head Atsushi Inaba at the company’s headquarters. There, the website questioned Inaba about new games, games in the works like Bayonetta 3, self-publishing, working with various publishers to make IPs, and more.

The interview kicks-off with the website highlighting a slight summary of the following piece with Inaba, which even quotes the man who is the head producer at the development division of Platinum Games:

“Bayonetta studio PlatinumGames has said 2019 will be an “incredibly important” year for the developer, with the firm set to benefit from “major” new approaches aimed at shaking up both its business and design strategies.”

Firstly, Bayonetta 3 will see a change “in the design process” based on Platinum Games’ experience on “developing Bayonetta 1 and 2.” I’m not sure what this means in full, but hopefully, it doesn’t mean ‘Burqanetta the third’.

Next up, and a surprise to me, Platinum Games is working on a new project that it’s midway through. The unannounced title which “has never been done before” will supposedly be unlike anything else, with Inaba saying the following:

“I know a lot of people say that, but the game we’re working on truly is unlike anything else. Even for our varied history of veteran game developers, this is something that has never been designed before. So from a game design perspective, we’re very excited right now.”

As reported on OAG back in late 2017, Platinum Games aims to move to self-publishing to make “independent decisions” and to own its intellectual properties.

Furthermore, Platinum Games wants to move away from relying on publisher funding. Additionally, while Platinum Games has worked with third-party partners in the past on properties it doesn’t own it aims to own two new intellectual properties that haven’t been announced yet according to the website:

“Inaba has said he is determined to break the cycle with the creation of two new independent IPs owned entirely by the studio, neither of which have been announced.”

As for the creation of fully owned IPs, this doesn’t mean the end of third-party collaborations according to Inaba:

“There are still going to potentially be games in which we partner with publishers to do big things with big IPs. There might be some co-publishing options where we’re doing some of it and they’re doing some of it to make a larger game, and there might be situations where we’re going to be self-publishing larger games as well.”

Right now, Platinum Games is working on Astral Chain, Bayonetta 3, Babylon’s Fall, and two new projects too, which haven’t been announced yet.

Lastly, you can learn more about Platinum Games and Inaba’s plans by heading on over to and reading the full story.


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