Project Eden JRPG Is Coming Soon To Steam… And It Will Have Waifus

Project Eden

Igrasil Studio, the makers of the murder-mystery visual novel Bloody Chronicles, teased an announcement for their next big project, a JRPG tentatively titled Project EdeN. The new game is set to arrive on PC in 2019, in fact it’s labeled as “coming soon” on its announcement page.

The new IP doesn’t have many details made available, but over on the Steam group page for Igrasil Studio, they reveal practically nothing about the game other than that it will have waifus.

That’s actually really good news because it means that at least the game won’t be a Social Justice paradise like Life Is Strange 2, where the only females in that game are unshaven, ugly, tattooed hipsters with bad hygiene and hideous hair.

Unfortunately we don’t get to see what the waifu-bait will be like in Igrasil Studio’s upcoming game, but we do know that additional information is coming soon.

Ultimately they just wanted to tease gamers with a brief announcement about their upcoming endeavors. The game itself will be revealed at a later date so you’ll have to stay tuned int to their group page for more information.

At the moment Igrasil’s Bloody Chronicles is available on the Steam store right now for $24.99. The visual novel is still currently in Early Access. It was originally supposed to be complete by the middle of February but it’s been slowly updated with new DLC since December. According to the developer, the game is actually supposed to be out of Early Access, but there was a delay in updating the Steam page, but it should be graduated from the development phase now.

They’ve had to tiptoe around releasing content on Steam due to Valve’s own vague policies in place regarding content curation. For those of you who don’t know, Valve has been banning games for ridiculous reasons, claiming anime-style games are “child exploitation”.

There’s no rhyme or reason behind some of the bans other than that if the chicks in the game look attractive and the content is typically aimed at straight males, it could very well get hit with a ban.

Anyway, we’ll see what Igrasil has in store when they officially announce their next project, which will at least feature some quality waifus.