Rage 2’s Price Reportedly Reduced After Launch Day

It looks like Bethesda Softworks, Avalanche Studios, and id Softwares’ Rage 2 has faced a price drop right after its debut. Although the price drop isn’t by much and may be a typical discount, a new report suggests otherwise.

Although a place like Metacritic isn’t a “be-all and end-all” place for info on a game, it does offer a portion of insight on what some gamers think. As of now, Rage 2 isn’t a beloved user title across PC, PS4, and Xbox One on the media critic site:

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Sure, the above reviews aren’t by “critics” — given their shill tendencies — but the same negative fan reviews on Metacritic are on Steam’s review section, which is still mixed with a significant amount of negative takes due to some gameplay issues and the inclusion of Denuvo:

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With all of that said, website gamerant.com published a piece suggesting the game may not be off to a good start, much like EA and BioWare’s Anthem which faced a similar launch discount, by highlighting the following information:

“Specifically, this new Rage 2 discount, which comes just one day after the game’s release, is available through Walmart, and it knocks $10 off the retail cost. This 17% price reduction is applied to the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions of Rage 2, giving players across all of the game’s launch platforms access to the title at a cost of $49.94.”

Speaking of Anthem, it looks like Rage 2 is discounted on mydealz.de — the same place the former title landed on days after launch. Falling in line with said discount comes the next paragraph from the publication site, which reads:

[…] this expedient Rage 2 deal may suggest that initial sales of the title have fallen below the expectations of Bethesda, the game’s publisher. Perhaps the lukewarm reception that the title has thus far received has truly impacted general interest in Rage 2, or perhaps that interest was relatively low to begin with. Certainly, the previous entry in the franchise garnered a similarly average response, and some players may simply not be interested in giving the series another shot as a result.

Time will certainly tell if gamers find an interest in Rage 2, but if the game doesn’t stay the same price (across PC, PS4, and Xbox One), then there is a problem.

Lastly, if user reviews and interest across different shops and storefronts hold any indication, it looks like Rage 2 isn’t doing all that well in the sales department.


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