SEGA Will Reportedly Refocus On Existing IPs And Bring More Ports To PC
Skies of Arcadia

According to a new report, Sega will return or refocus on existing intellectual properties while bringing forth more PC ports. This strategy is reported to combat the poor performance of the company, as revealed during its FY2018 earnings. If all of this is true, PC players and fans of older IPs that Sega is over may find gems in the near future.

Sega has either published or developed a lot of original IPs over the years, including the sappy Vectorman (1 and 2), the difficult and dark Chakan: The Forever Man, the adventurous Skies of Arcadia, the unique Panzer Dragoon, the fast and stylized 2D-action game Gunstar Heroes, the fighting game Eternal Champions, the RPG Shining series, and Jet Set Radio, among many others. However, the company hasn’t been utilizing its intellectual properties to their fullest extent, and that was highlighted in the most recent earnings report.

In fact, it looks like Sega’s FY2018 is a reminder for the company to do better, as reported by

“SEGA didn’t do too well in its FY2018 earnings. The company’s yearly profits plummeted over 70% to $23.82 million, and its Road to 2020 roadmap of games earnings has fallen apart due to market miscalcuations, too many games in development, lack of sales performance, and game delays. As SEGA says, the plan “fell significantly below the initial plan due to deterioration of business environment and lack of hit titles.”

The website goes on to outline Sega’s plan to stay on track instead of creating a slew of new IPs:

“But SEGA has a plan: do more of what’s actually working. And right now that means doubling-down on popular franchises like Persona, Yakuza, and Sonic and straying away from developing too many new IPs. Instead the games-maker will focus strongly on proven hits while also throwing in a remaster/re-release or two.”

Furthermore, Sega’s new strategy contains no exclusivity meaning that all future games will come to all platforms (including PC) at some point and time:

“PC gaming also did quite well throughout FY2018 thanks to big games like Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami coming to the platform, and SEGA sees big opportunities for increased earnings. SEGA has plans to keep porting games over to PC storefronts like Steam in a bid to maximize reach, exposure, and sales across all gaming segments.


PS4 exclusivity will continue breaking down as SEGA adopts this multi-platform approach. The publisher affirms its new games will come to all systems, from PC to mobile and even next-gen consoles like the PlayStation 5.”

Remember all those games rattled off in the second paragraph? Well, they might see the day of light again:

“It also plans to revive dormant IPs and fan-favorite content while launching special re-releases like the SEGA Genesis Mini. We could even see a Sega Saturn Mini at some point as the company embraces this new tactic.


Right now SEGA has three unannounced titles in development. Based on this new strategy, we’re betting all three of them are for existing hit franchises and not new IP like Judgement.


One of these new projects is confirmed to be a fresh Yakuza game.”

With all of that said, what Sega game(s) would you like to see made in the 21st century that is currently stuck in the 20th century? Also, what’re your thoughts on Sega moving away from console exclusives and moving to a broader space that includes PC?

Lastly, we’ll find out how Sega’s new strategy pans out during 2019 and beyond.


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