SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest Cheats Grant God Mode, Infinite Potions, Resources

If you need to cheat in the updated version of SpellForce 3, which is best known as “Soul Harvest,” then you are in luck. The RPG strategy game for PC that puts you front and center in a mystical world now has cheat trainers available to pick up. The standalone expansion known as SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest is out now for said platform via Steam and GOG.

Publisher THQ Nordic and developer Grimlore Games have released Soul Harvest on Steam and GOG. The standalone expansion is said to improve the base game and then some. If you wish to jump in and hunker down and enjoy the expansion with some trainers, do know that you’re covered.

You can look over the latest SpellForce 3 cheats right here, which tally up to 11 in total. As per usual, you can view or snag the listed cheats (above) by heading on over to cheathappens.com.

Without wasting any time, you can check them out via the bulleted list below:

  • Unlimited Potions
  • Instant Cooldowns
  • Fast Units and Upgrades
  • Drop Item Multiplier
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Iron Bar
  • Food
  • Arya Potion Black Ash Powder Blessed Lenya
  • Iron
  • Lenya Package Arya Cask Black Ash

There’s a second trainer available for download both with free and premium options that you can nab from over on MegaDev.info.

The SpellForce 3 cheats contain the following options:

  • Double gold
  • Quadruple gold
  • Double experience
  • Infinite Ressources
  • Quadruple experience
  • Instant recruit
  • Tenfold gold
  • Godmode (Units)
  • Tenfold experience

In case you don’t know, all existing or previous owners of SpellForce 3 get a 40% price cut on Soul Harvest on Steam. However, time is limited with this offer. Additionally, the devs note that first-time buyers also get a 40% price cut on the game’s bundle on Steam, containing SpellForce 3 and SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that you should check back on these cheats via the given website since updates can potentially break them, meaning that you need a newer version — if it ever comes down to that, though. Until then, you can grab the standalone expansion that is SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest for $24.99 over on Steam or GOG.


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