TerraTech Brings Creation-Kit Sandbox Gameplay To Switch On May 29th
TerraTech Nintendo Switch

Payload Studios’ build-and-play sandbox crafting game, TerraTech is making the leap from PC to the Nintendo Switch starting May 29th at the end of the month.

The game originally entered into Early Access on Steam for PC, and then during the summer of 2018 it launched for the Xbox One. Later on Payload Studios took their game to the Sony PlayStation 4, and now they’re ready to bring Nintendo Switch owners the 3D sandbox crafting game for play both in TV mode and in portable mode.

The announcement for the Nintendo Switch version release date was accompanied with a trailer showcasing some of the gameplay features, modes, and the visuals of TerraTech running on the Switch. You can check out the trailer below.

The trailer doesn’t do jackspit to explain what the game is actually about.

The main story mode is themed around prospectors looking to gather resources from alien planets as Earth’s natural resources have run dry. You’ll need to build vehicles to help you in your quest to gather and process natural resources while constructing storage units, refining stations, construction bases, and vehicles to carry out all the tasks. It’s a little bit like a 3D video game version of K’NEX.

Outside of the campaign mode you can also dabble in the Campaign Mode, the Creative Mode, or the Gauntlet Mode.

You can get an idea of what the more intricate aspects of the gameplay is like with the video below courtesy of Lathland.

According to Payload Studios founder Russ Clarke, they had always intended for the game to launch on the Switch, saying in the press release…

“Even before the success of TerraTech on PC , PS4 and Xbox One, we knew that the Switch would be a great platform for the game and we’re excited to bring the game to Nintendo fans everywhere. The inherent creativity and colourful nature of the game make it a perfect fit and I’m happy that so many people will be able to continue building even when they’ve left their living room.”

It reminds me of a less restrictive version of the LEGO games.

If you were interested in picking up a copy of the game you’ll be able to do so starting May 29th. For more info feel free to visit the official TerraTech page on the Nintendo website.


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