Truck Driver Release Date Set For September 19th, 2019 On Xbox One, PS4
Truck Driver

Soedesco announced that Truck Driver will be making its way to the Xbox One and PS4 starting September 19th later this year. The game will also launch on Steam for PC in the fall starting November 11th. This is one of the rare times where the PC version will be arriving late after home console gamers get their hands on the title.

What’s interesting is that Triangle Studios had to completely revamp the game’s map after the initial closed beta test, where gamers complained about a number of issues relating to the road spacing, landmark locations, residential placements, and overall scenery.

The team overhauled the map from scratch and attempted to give Truck Driver more life and verve during the runs. You can see what it looks like with the trailer below, giving gamers a firsthand look at the new map since the overhaul.

So right off the bat the trailer starts by showing how diverse the character selection is, which is odd given that the only people who are going to buy this game are Russians, Germans, Dutch, and some Frenchmen. It seems weird that they would go out of their way to add a black guy and an Asian lady, but I guess it’s for those 0.02% of players who fit that demographic that like driving around realistic trucks in an idyllic fictional country.

Anyway, much like Euro Truck Simulator, you’ll have various missions and jobs to complete, hauling various types of cargo across the large open map.

The game also has a pretty neat parking and pickup mechanic where you’ll be rated on how well you can park and tow your cargo, as well as how accurately you’ll be able to hitch the trailer to the cab.

Graphically the game looks pretty good for what they’re trying to achieve. However, it’s obviously not groundbreaking stuff.

Mechanically the game looks like it operates well and has a solid physics engine driving the action. The trucks are also highly customizable so it helps spruce up the originality of the game compared to some of the other titles out there.

Given the customization factors there are plenty of gamers in the comment section begging and pleading for a cross-play multiplayer mode. Whether or not Triangle Studios obliges is a completely different story.

You can learn more about the game by visiting the official Truck Driver website.


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