War Tech Fighters, Sci-Fi Mech Action Game Launches June 27th For Switch, PS4, Xbox One
War Tech Fighters

Australian developer Drakkar Dev and publisher Blowfish Studios announced that War Tech Fighters will be launching on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 starting June 27th this summer.

The sci-fi mech game sees players taking control of a squadron of pilots trekking through space to take down the Zatros empire, which has been conquering colonies across space. Players will will make use of the the giant mechanized robots while liberating the colonies and duking it out against the evil oppressors with 30 different missions to complete.

The console version of the game will also receive exclusive content in the form of the Archangel War Tech, which comes with a special Glory Sword, Redemption Halberd, and the Faith Shield.

You can check out the gameplay trailer below, which highlights of the combat mechanics and the new Archangel mech.

The combat reminds me of Bandai’s Gundam games. It’s just a tinge slower and a little more methodical as opposed to being over-the-top like the Sunrise series. Majority of the combat is themed around third-person shooting, where you equip weapons and blast your foes into smithereens. However, you can also unsheathe your swords or axes or spears and do battle against the other mechs in close quarters.

The melee fighting isn’t anything too special but it’s definitely serviceable. The overall presentation reminds me of a PS2 game, where it’s focused more on the actual gameplay than over-the-top graphical effects and shader technology.

War Tech Fighters - Customization

Much of the mechanisms still look about the same from when the game first entered into Early Access back in 2017, but obviously they’ve been refined and optimized for the home consoles.

Probably the most impressive thing about War Tech Fighters is the super in-depth mech customization feature, where you can practically build your very own mech from top to bottom.

The console port of the third-person indie mech game will carry with it a budget price of just $19.99 when it does launch on the Nintendo Switch’s eShop, the PlayStation Store, and on the Microsoft Store for the Xbox One June 27th. For more info you can check out the official website or visit the Steam store page.


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