Academics Have Created A Test To Gauge Your “Gaming Disorder” After WHO’s Proclamation

According to a new report that has landed on the Internet as of June 2nd, 2019, the academics around the world have created a test to see if you have the disease known as “gaming disorder” and if the preset info you pick matches up with the World Health Organization’s “research.”

Website writes that “academics have created a test for the disorder” after WHO officially recognized “gaming disease” through “unhealthy and disruptive behavior” as an official disorder.

The website writes that this was somewhat of a problem given that it is “impossible to accurately measure or test the extent of this new disease.” However, the survey with a moniker of “Do I play too much video games” is a new test that can “diagnose people” to see if they suffer from “video game addiction or not.”

Moreover, the test has been created to allow people like you and I to reflect on our gaming habits and to compare results with others through a preset questionnaire that rates you on a scale from 0 to 20 (5 and up makes you questionable). The information gathered will be used to see if it corroborates with the WHO criteria for gaming disorder.

According to the report, Dr. Bruno Schivinski — one of the academics — has stated that he wants to understand how gaming becomes a health problem and what factors contribute the most to this “disease” after WHO described “gaming disorder” as behavior that significantly impacts family, education, and work-life in a negative way.

On the other hand, some people around the net are questioning if this test will cause a nocebo effect in that it does the reverse of what the creator of the survey supposedly wanted to achieve where correlation does not equate causation.

Anyway, do you think this test is a problem? Do you think it will help the conductors behind the survey to see what constitutes as a gaming disorder? Or are you indifferent to the survey and think it’s another wall of text that will be a thing of the past?

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