After Six Months, Lawsuit Threats, And Fan Backlash, Bethesda Ships Canvas Bag Replacement

The mess that is Fallout 76 has gone on for a long time and stretches across many facets like the Nuka Cola Rum fiasco, the Fallout 76 leather jacket kerfluffle, the gameplay/glitch controversy, and the canvas bag debacle. Well, Bethesda is looking to make things “right” (which needs heavy quotation marks) by re-sending participating individuals the “real deal” of the canvas bag.

If you don’t know, folks who purchased the $200 Fallout 76: Power Armor Edition from retailers and Bethesda were promised a canvas bag. However, the canvas bag on arrival was really a cheap nylon bag with Bethesda claiming it didn’t have the materials to make it as advertised. Additionally, news surfaced that Bethesda actually gave a canvas bag to gamers, but it was only to YouTube influencers.

As an additive to the above, the customers who paid $200 were mad because Bethesda’s compensation for the false advertised item was to give gamers 500 Atoms — which is Fallout 76’s in-game currency worth around $4.99 of real life money that can’t buy anything worthwhile.

Well, lo and behold, Bethesda has shipped out the canvas bag to people who submitted a ticket to get the proper item (as promised). We know this because of YouTuber ShinobiNando relaying it in video format:

Although the YouTuber feels like the replacement bag is better than the 500 Atoms, he expresses that it doesn’t compare to the one Bethesda advertised. However, other people offered their thoughts on the canvas bag too like YouTuber Some Kind Of Elephant:

YouTube channel CGNgames also chimed in on the discussion revolving around the replacement bag after receiving one too:

With all of that said, it took six months of wait time, lawsuit threats, and an enormous amount of fan backlash for Bethesda to ship out a somewhat questionable canvas bag replacement, which isn’t all that much like the advertised version according to the YouTubers who obtained it.


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