Astral Chain New Gameplay Video Shows Off Legion Upgrades, Combat, And Battle Styles

Astral Chain is an upcoming game that looks pretty unique and interesting, something that Platinum Games isn’t foreign to when it comes to art and gameplay, but it looks like the August-due Switch game has a new trailer introducing fans and gamers alike to new characters, battle styles, Legions, and more.

Notice: If you wish to go in blind do know the following gameplay video shows footage that contains new areas, Legion forms, characters, battle styles, actions, upgrades, and city exploration. In other words, the video features content that may be considered spoiler territory.

Firstly, the new video highlights basic actions where the player can move around, dash/dodge, and perform melee and distant attacks. We also see cooperation with the player’s Legion where maximum damage can be dished out from different angles.

Legion battle styles are a thing and changing said style is done via a spin-wheel. Of course, this is to enhance different playstyles and help out with difficult boss fights.

Like any other action game or RPG, there is the ability to upgrade your Legion. A branching skill tree that requires points is in the game and looks to offer a variety of playstyle choice, too.

Exploration is also in the game, and keen-eyed fans will likely know about this feature.

Anyway, the video also shows more of the police force and the characters in it, which the video in question comes in courtesy of Nintendo‘s YouTube channel:

Also, the game features citizens and suspects you can interact with in the city as well as your twin sibling. You can also use your Legion for investigating cases and solving environmental puzzles where secrets like the alternate dimension — called the Astral Plane — holds mysterious information.

Lastly, character customization is in the game too, meaning that you can make your own custom character.

You can look for Astral Chain to debut exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on August 30th, 2019.


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