Bernie Sanders Wants Gaming To Unionize, Even Though He Previously Blamed Video Games For Gun Violence
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders appears to want to ride the hot ticket of Leftist talking points in what’s likely going to be another failed bid to become President-elect in the 2020 election next year. He’s doing so by latching onto the current wave of Cultural Communists who have been advocating for the gaming industry to unionize.

On June 18th, 2019 Sanders dropped the tweet in reply to a story from Time about some developers complaining about crunch.

This netted the usual response from a bunch of Leftists latching onto the tweet to virtue signal their support and how hip they think they are to gaming. Pretty much the same sort of parasites that have helped ruin gaming today.

Thankfully there were a few red-pilled people in the threads who realized the absolute pandering that Sanders was doing in order to placate a base who have the mental capacity of a gold fish and the attention span of an aids-ridden rat.

Some of these people rightfully trolled Sanders for being completely out of touch with the industry while trying to virtue signal reform on behalf of it.

Basically a bunch of children with no education on economics and poor social skills think Socialism will save them.

They also fail to realize that not everyone’s job in an artistic market like video games is worth the same, which is why you see a lot of talentless people in that Sanders thread begging for Socialism to put them on the same standard as people who actually work hard and have marketable skills.

For instance, a community manager has zero talent. Anyone who can read, write, and speak can be a community manager. They should not ever have the same standing, benefits, or protections as a physics engineer, a shader programmer, or a gameplay designer.

Trying to reduce the value of one set of jobs to raise the value of another set of jobs is a bad way to go for the gaming industry, and it’s a quick way to tank the industry. Then again, maybe that’s for the best?

What’s also funny is that while the Leftists are flocking to Sanders’ tweet like Tencent data acquisition specialists to stolen U.S., patents, many of them seem to have forgotten that Sanders was never a fan of gaming, much like his other political peers, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Game Objective’s Brad Glasgow dropped the information in response to Sanders’ tweet, showing a clip from 2012 where Sanders took aim at violent video games and movies as partial motivation to mass shootings in America, even going as far to say that with strict gun control in place the shootings would keep happening due in part to media influence.

If you’re unable to see the video in the tweet, you can watch the clip below at the 23:20 mark from the Thom Hartmann Program that was published on December 21st, 2012.

These sentiments were reirated again ahead of the 2016 elections when Bernie Sanders was still advocating for a reduction in gun violence by advocating more gun control, mental health awareness, and toning down the glorification of violence in media, as reported by

So just to circle back around to the original point: Bernie Sanders is tweeting about video game crunch and unions because it’s a popular discussion right now in Left-wing circles where Socialists and Communists reside. They love stripping hard working people of the things they rightfully deserve. This is essentially what Sanders would be advocating if a union did happen.

However, just seven years prior Sanders had blamed violent video games for influencing mass shootings in America. So he doesn’t mind an industry that he feels contributes to real violence in America so long as it’s unionized? Is that his stance?

Regardless, it’s just more busybodies sticking their nose in a place where it doesn’t belong.

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