Control Levels Are Designed Like A Metroidvania Game
Control Metroidvania

505 Games and Remedy Entertainment rolled out eight minutes worth of gameplay for the upcoming third-person, supernatural shooter, Control. I don’t think that name is ever going to grow on me because it’s so freaking simple and makes it difficult to find images and info about it once it’s no longer a hot item, but regardless of that pet peeve there are some new locations, characters, and combat on display in the E3 2019 demo footage.

Unlike some of the other games that received a heck of a lot of the spotlight at the electronic entertainment cotillion, Control was left in a corner like a forsaken red-headed step child in a Swedish no-go zone.

However, there were still a few videos that popped up for the paranormal plot-heavy title, including some footage captured by YouTuber PS360HD, which you can check out below.

The demo starts with a way to find a way to lift the lockdown on the Oldest House. They explain that while Jesse is investigating the management team she’s mysteriously made the director of the Bureau of Control while a supernatural entity known as the Hiss are invading and corrupting the staff and the building.

The demo gives us a look at how you’ll mix and match your psychic abilities with your projectile weaponry.

During the demonstration we also learn that there are no stealth moments, no sneaky gameplay elements, or any of that stuff. The entire game is played as an action title, but there are side-missions and additional quests you can take on that aren’t attached to the main quest. You can pick up extra quests from NPCs scattered around the Oldest House.

Control - Metroidvania

It’s described as a Metroidvania game where you’ll move through different areas and have to go back to some other areas as you unlock new powers or abilities.

There are hub sections where NPCs are located, which is where you can talk to them and get mission updates or acquire new side-quests, as well as traversal areas where you’ll need to solve puzzles or defeat enemies to unlock the next hub.

It’s very much unlike Remedy’s other titles that were more-so streamlined levels where you completed various tasks and then you were whisked away to the next section.

Control certainly isn’t a groundbreaking game, but it looks like a serviceable third-person shooter for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Sadly, if you were hoping to get the game on PC you’ll have to wait an extra year because it’s going to be an Epic Games Store exclusive when it launches on August 27th, 2019.


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